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At the Institute for Social Neuroscience (ISN) Psychology , we take a broad approach to the study of psychology, employing the cross-disciplinary approach of social neuroscience. This new discipline investigates the complex interrelationship between our physiology, molecular makeup, our neuroscience and our social environment to further understand the psychology of human behaviour.

With our strong focus on research, and funded opportunities for all Honours, Masters and Doctoral students, ISN Psychology facilitates fundamental and ‘new’ cross-disciplinary research.  This approach has application not only in psychology but across many other fields of social science, education, business, environmental management, human performance, sustainability and social welfare.  You will study in a tertiary college that specialises in psychology, where no other faculties compete for funds and resources. With clinical placements on-site and access to world-class research organisations, you will learn in a highly immersive environment.

ISN Psychology is located in Ivanhoe near the Austin medical precinct, only 500 metres from public transport and the Burgundy Street cafés, restaurants and shops.  ISN Cutting edge clinical training facilities and clinics are also located in Bundoora and soon in Kew, the latter to host our ISN Human Performance Clinic within ISN Clinic Health and Wellness Centre.

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Our Institute

The Institute for Social Neuroscience aims to investigate the basis of character and temperament through the study of psychology and to apply these findings to improving the health of individuals and societies. 

ISN Psychology offers a Psychology degree path delivered by leading academics in the fields of psychology and clinical practice. Combining supervised clinical experience and expert teaching, our degrees will provide graduates with a well-rounded psychology education,  so that they are as well prepared as possible for their careers.

Our Clinic provides advanced treatments for mental health issues with the goal of restoring mind body balance and promoting resilience and wellbeing. We apply the latest research findings and technological innovations to improve existing treatments methods. We also offer a range of other psychological services in neuropsychological, cognitive and educational assessments.

ISN Psychology also conducts research within core themes of the institute undertaking purpose driven research to deliver new knowledge, advances in clinical practice and/or commercial clinical and translational outcomes.  

Multidisciplinary Education, Clinic and Research

Throughout most of the 20th century, social and biological sciences were widely viewed as incompatible. The new field of Social Neuroscience challenges that belief.

Social neuroscience looks at the effect of our social environment, ecology, and metabolic functions on shaping the mind, brain, physical heath and behaviour of individuals.

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Our Mission is to realise the vision of thriving minds and societies in an evolving world through leading research, development, education, clinical services and partnerships.

ISN Psychology

ISN Psychology offers undergraduate and postgraduate psychology degrees delivered by leading academics in the fields of psychology with a clinical and translational perspective.

Combining supervised clinical experience and research, our degree will ensure graduates have the most well-rounded theory, research and clinical experience available. This makes ISN graduates as well prepared as possible for their careers.

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