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Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons)

Why Choose ISN:

  • Flexible coursework options available live online or face-to-face, with recorded sessions and online content and self directed learning

  • Expert lectures by experienced staff, including engaging lecturers and researchers with real-world experience

  • Psychology only Institute with over 15 academics and clinicians on staff, majority are registered psychologists with varied areas of practice endorsement.

  • APAC approved

  • AQF Level 8

  • Prepares graduates for diverse work settings

  • Pathway for psychologist registration through a Master or Doctor of Psychology program or a Master of Professional Psychology with a one-year internship (5+1 program)


Live online refers to real-time, interactive sessions conducted through our digital platforms, where students and instructors can engage, communicate, and participate in activities from remote locations using the internet.   This flexible learning approach aims to accommodate various learning styles and commitments.  Students have access to course content and can actively engage in learning experiences regardless of their location, enhancing the overall educational experience.  

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) is an AQF level 8  qualification and the 4th year or honours year of a psychology qualification. Prospective students are invited to apply for the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours).

The Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) is offered face-to-face at ISN Psychology’s Ivanhoe campus in Melbourne, Victoria and Live Online. The degree is accredited  by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

Graduates of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) are prepared for work in a number of settings through research, psychiatric hospitals, special schools, government, not-for-profit organisations, human resource management, market research and guidance or counselling for educational, vocational or personal problems.

Graduates of the honours program are eligible to apply for associate membership with the Australian Psychological Society (APS). In Australia, for psychologist registration it is a requirement to complete two years supervised psychological practice after fourth year. This can be achieved through completion of a two-year Master Psychology  program or a Master of Professional Psychology followed by one year of internship (5+1 program).

Entry Requirements

To apply for a position in the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons), prospective students must
meet the entry requirements below:

  • Entry to the 4th year Honours programme in Psychology at ISN requires successful completion of an APAC accredited three year sequence in psychology - eg. a Bachelor Degree in psychology, or a Bachelor Degree in any discipline plus an APAC-accredited sequence in psychology or qualification obtained from an overseas education institution assessed as comparable to an APAC-accredited qualification/three year sequence in psychology.

  • Additionally, candidates must meet minimum English language proficiency standards for entry to an AQF level 8 Honours degree.

  • Domestic students with Australian citizenship or Permanent Residency rights can apply. ISN cannot currently accept applications for international students.

  • A full list of entry requirements for the 4th year Honours degree in Psychology at ISN can be found in the ISN Policies and Procedures

Course Structure and Fees

Course Structure, Fees for 2024 and further information are indicated in the course handbook linked below:

ISN Psychology is a FEE HELP approved provider. Tuiton fees are payable upfront or through FEE HELP for eligible students.

Census Dates for each Semester are outlined in our Key Dates Page.

For more information about tuition fees please visit our website, or contact us (03) 9008 1600

Applications Open for 2024

Upon acceptance of the offer (or prior to the beginning of the enrolment period for enrolled students undertaking a course degree sequence), students will be required to indicate any prior learning to be considered as credit towards the degree and whether the student wishes to apply for any disability assistance. Credit will be determined based on a a pro-rata basis with 100 credit points equivalent to 1 full year of tuition fees.

Based on the information provided in the acceptance, enrolment forms will be issued where students will be able to verify enrolled course degree units and the cost of units will be outlined together with payment options. Students will have unto census date to withdraw from units enrolled before incurring any fees.

Students can pay up-front for their fees, or apply for FEE-HELP. FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that assists eligible fee paying students to pay all or part of their tuition fees. See:
For full information on our fee structure, fee credit and refund policy, please see Section E of ISN's Policy and Procedure Manual.

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