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Tuition Fees 2023

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The tuition fees for 2023 for 100 credit points, equivalent to full-time study in any given year are listed below:


                                                                                                        CoursePer Year (100 Credit Points)

Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies  – Year 1                      $19,622

                                                                               – Year 2                      $26,864


Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) – Honours Year.       $26,864


Master of Psychology (Clinical) – Postgraduate Year 1                     $38,620

                                                       – Postgraduate Year 2                     $38,620


Master of Professional Psychology                                                      $32,390


Master of Psychology (Sport & Exercise)– Postgraduate Year 1.     $38,620

                                                                      – Postgraduate Year 2.     $38,620


Doctor of Psychology (Sport & Exercise, Clinical)                                

                   Postgraduate Year 1                                                             $38,620

                   Postgraduate Year 2                                                             $38,620

                   Postgraduate Year 3                                                             $38,620

                   Postgraduate Year 4                                                             $subsidised no charge (50 Credit Points)


NOTE: All tuition fees are subject to annual CPI increases.  Year on year fee increases will be indicated on this website each year prior the start of the year in line with year on year Educational Consumer Price Index rises.

Finacial Assistance

Upfront Tuition 

Students who pay tuition fees upfront can pay their full semester fee by the published census date for each semester.  Please contact for more information.

Students can opt to pay their tuition fees upfront or apply for FEE HELP (where eligible).


ISN Psychology is an approved FEE HELP provider. Once fully enrolled in a course, eligible ISN students can apply for FEE HELP. 

Please visit the Study Assist website for more information about FEE HELP, including eligibility, loan limits and the application process.


Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABstudy

ISN Psychology courses are eligible for ABstudy, Austudy, and Youth Allowance.

Undergraduate, honours  and Master  level courses have been approved for Austudy and Youth Allowance.

ISN Psychology’s Master Level programs are approved course for the purpose of student payments. This means enrolled Full-Time master’s students can apply for Austudy or Youth Allowance through Centrelink. 


Services Australia

Delivering government payments and services.

Education – support and payments while you study

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