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ISN Course Dates 2022

Semester One/ Study Period 1

21st Feb – 25th Feb.         Orientation Week

1st Mar – 27th May           Class Dates

25th Mar                             Census Date

11th Apr – 18th Apr          Mid Semester Break

30th May – 3rd Jun.          Study Week

6th Jun – 24th Jun.            Exam Period

27 Jun – 24th Jul.               Semester break


Semester Two/ Study Period 2

18th Jul – 22nd Jul            Orientation Week

25th July – 21 Oct             Class Dates

26th Aug                            Census Date

26th Sep – 2nd Oct          Mid Semester Break

24th Oct – 28th Oct         Study Week

1st Nov – 18th Nov          Exam Period

21st Nov – 24th Feb.       Semester break

It’s important to keep track of the key events during the year, so please refer to the key dates on this page for courses dates, census day deadlines, mid semester or semester  breaks and exam periods.

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